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Why 10 Million+ Small Businesses Fail to Make a First Impression

Why 10 Million+ Small Businesses Fail to Make a First Impression

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How many opportunities do you get to make a first impression?? …exactly!

 A more logical question is why 10 million small businesses in the US still fail to deliver a first impression that is meaningful and captivating to potential customers? 80% of shoppers are seeking to connect with a company website BEFORE they buy their products or services. This is the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of your potential customer (who is probably out there Googling your products/services and finding your competition!). For 1/3 of small businesses in the US without a website, this window of opportunity is currently sealed shut.

So how do these small businesses begin punching above their weight class and capturing new customers!? By taking advantage of the 3 Key Benefits of a Well-Designed Website:

   1.  Credibility

75% of customers say that a website’s aesthetics play into the credibility of a business. This underpins the importance of a professionally designed website. Not only does this influence IF customers buy, but also IF they refer other customers to you. 57% of online shoppers won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.

   2.  Show You Care

Nearly 50% of customers believe that a business with a poorly performing website does not care about their customers. Buffering speed, user experience, and functionality are critical to showing potential customers that you take their needs seriously. (It also gives a chance to address customer pain points!)

   3.  Stand Out

You may not think so, but savvy online shoppers can tell the difference between a professionally-designed website and a DIY website (no offense DIY-ers). 94% of first impressions of a website are design-related. Without beautiful content, you set your prospect on a course of uncertainty about how they feel about your business. Stand out in the marketplace by showing potential customers what you offer and how you present yourself digitally.

The good news?! It doesn’t cost a fortune to build a beautiful, high-performing website that garners the attention of your prospects. That’s why Hot Frog Print Media has created the Small Business Website Program, to reduce the costs for small businesses to create a new website or re-design an old website.

Want more good news? You don’t have to be an e-commerce business to make use of a powerful online presence. Any small business can benefit from a well-designed website. Don’t miss the opportunity to add credibility, show you care, and stand out from the competition. After all, you only get one…first impression.


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